Ahad, 23 Mei 2010

Pearl vs. Woman

Jewelry is very synonym with woman. If a man wear a necklace, that should be weird. The man will be called weirdo by his family, friend and people around him if he acted opposite the human nature.

Jewelry is an expensive thing. Poor people like me just can dream about to buy it for my mother or girlfriend. The women that have jewelry such as necklace or shiny bracelet show that she is capable to afford it. This lucky woman might be one level above from others that did not have left money to buy jewelry.

For me, the girl that wear pearl necklace is more beauty than the girl wear gold pearl. This is because the pearl look more to nature comparing to other type of necklace.

Pearl are using for



Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Pearl forming

Pearl comes from sand. The proces which create the pearl is when the sand trapped inside the oyster..

This small sand grows layer by layer with the increasing of time. The longer sand trapped inside oyster, more bigger the pearl is created.

Pearl is hard to find in the vast sea. One might be lucky if he or she found the oyster that contain the pearl.

Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

single pearl necklace -intro 1

Pearls come from the sea, basically a small, hard, and have round shape. It's are used to make jewelry.

Peoples that are to be married mostly buy jewelry for their love one... =)